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Best Things to do in Marbella

Many people think that Marbella is a really expensive city to visit on the Costa del Sol, usually due to the luxuries and attractions that involve its surroundings. Mediterranean glamor, the French Riviera, luxury beach destinations such as: Michelin-starred restaurants, marinas full of high-end yachts, golf courses, designer boutiques and a long chain of sandy beaches, small discoveries that can be do around the complex, be it the Renaissance palaces in the old town or the remains of Roman villas hidden among the luxury developments

Many people think that Marbella is a really expensive city to visit on the Costa del Sol, usually due to the luxuries and attractions that involve its surroundings. Mediterranean glamor, the French Riviera, luxury beach destinations such as: Michelin-starred restaurants, marinas full of high-end yachts, golf courses, designer boutiques and a long chain of sandy beaches, small discoveries that can be do around the complex, be it the Renaissance palaces in the old town or the remains of Roman villas hidden among the luxury developments-

However, the cost depends on many factors and what you are looking for. On the contrary, Whether you come as a family, as a couple or as a group, Marbella is a great destination to spend a vacation, or even to live and work there. . It has a large Spanish population, There are many accessible and interesting sites to know ancient sites with a lot of culture, large shopping centers and cinemas, a large selection of restaurants with traditional Spanish and international food for all budgets and tastes as well as a wonderful climate throughout year.

These are the best things to do that will help you enjoy Marbella to the fullest:

A day at the Beaches

No matter what time of year you visit Marbella, a trip to the beach is mandatory. The Costa del Sol has miles of sandy beaches, There are 20 beaches along the front of Marbella, most with sand that has a dark tint, one of the best of which is a 10-minute drive away by car. East of Marbella in the area of Cabopino, Along these beaches are available facilities known as chiringuitos (beach bars) that serve drinks and typical Mediterranean cuisine right on the sand. Additionally Lifeguards are on duty in almost all of them from Easter to the end of September.

Puerto Banus

If there is an area that deserves some of your time that is Puerto Banus in an environment surrounded by ostentatious displays of wealth, a large number of boutiques, restaurants, yachts and luxury sports cars, the great sculpture of rhinoceros, also from Salvador Dalí, who weighs 3.6 tons or El Faro, on the west side of the port that is not the largest, but has been awarded the Blue Flag in 2016 and has a sand arc bathed by knee-deep water, ideal for the little ones splash.

Paseo Marítimo and Water Activities

If you are a seeker of emotions, the Mediterranean will call you and fortunately there are all kinds of ways out, there are companies based in the marina that offer jet-skis, parasailing, wake-boarding and motorboat rides. If bouncing around the sea at 50 mph is not your idea of ​​a good time, then you can always rent a luxury yacht to experience the lifestyle of Marbella groceries, if only for a day, if together with friends or family , a yacht with a captain is surprisingly economical.

Additionally On weekends, no party on the coast would be complete without walking the paseo marítimo, enjoying the views, absorbing the atmosphere and especially to enjoy one of the spectacular sunsets, a selection of international restaurants. to enjoy a longer route, it has been completely joined by a wooden promenade, this goes from Marbella to Puerto Banús and even more towards San Pedro. To feel like a local, go to the promenade on Sundays, when all the Spaniards leave On your best Sunday day to walk and chat.

Parque de la Constitución

It is a great place to visit, it has beautiful trees, colorful flowers, a children’s park, an astronomical observatory, a cafeteria and a 600-capacity open-air auditorium that houses opera, theatrical productions, concerts and other cultural events. Located just above the beach, near the center of the city and is a true oasis of calm in this bustling modern city.

Marbella’s Old Town

he historic and picturesque Marbella’s Old Town, is a hidden gem that most tourists fail to discover, with its ancient architecture and its labyrinth of narrow pedestrian streets paved with red tiles, all buildings are whitewashed and topped with terracotta roofs, and many date from the Renaissance. Some are wrapped in bougainvillea; In fact, the whole area is bright with flowers. There are plenty of boutiques, original art galleries, good restaurants that serve everything from gourmet food to authentic Spanish tapas and there are innumerable bars that are busy until the wee hours of the morning, almost like a separate town within Marbella.

The area of ​​the houses is arranged in corridor-shaped streets that emerge in small squares such as Plaza de los Naranjos, a beautiful and typical Andalusian square full of orange trees and tropical plants that is a must for any holiday, and where you can sit quietly in one of the many traditional cafes enjoying a coffee or a glass of wine. It is located near the city center, just above Avenida Ricardo Soriano, the main street that runs through Marbella, and in front of La Alameda Park.

Alameda Park

To the south of Marbella’s Old Town, on the other side of the main road, is La Alameda Park. It is an ideal place to take photos, It has a thick canopy of tropical foliage, there are paved marble corridors, a magnificent central fountain decorated with traditional Andalusian mosaics and benches decorated with classic Andalusian hand-painted tiles that show the monuments and the history of the city. This park is popular with locals and tourists alike as a quiet place to take a break, you can hide from the sun in the afternoon or have a cup of coffee in the morning.

Golf Courses

Marbella has 32 golf courses, including very exclusive, exclusive invitation clubs, luxurious resorts with beautiful green fees and cheaper economic option that will adapt to novice players.

              If you are a veteran it would be ideal to try Los Naranjos or La Quinta Golf and Country Club. On the contrary, if you are new to sports, Monte Paraíso is the one indicated; It is only a few minutes away from the center of the resort and has relatively short par-3 holes that are indulgent for newcomers, but still represent a test for experienced golfers.

Avenida del Mar

To the south of Marbella’s Old Town, after the La Alameda Park and towards the beach is a wide pedestrian avenue with palm trees, meticulously trimmed hedges and several pieces of great public art called “Avenida del Mar” where All art lovers can sit on the welcome benches to rest and admire an impressive collection of original Salvador Dalí open-air bronze sculptures from the 20th century, so you could easily spend a few minutes studying them.

Shops and bars line the walkway, and if you are visiting Marbella by car, there is a convenient parking lot below this plaza, with convenient access to the old town of Marbella and the beaches.

Iglesia de la Encarnación

It is a splendid Renaissance and Baroque church that was completed in the mid-eighteenth century, Marbella’s main historic landmark.

The interior plan was changed to a basilica layout, with three naves and opulent 18th-century rococo decoration.

The city was not reconquered from the Moors until the end of the 15th century, much later than in almost all other places in Spain. This ancient mosque was sanctified immediately, and became a place of Christian worship centuries before the work was completed.

Basílica de Vega del mar

Located in Guayaba Beach It is a Paleo-Christian site, built by the Romans and later extended by the Visigoths. It may seem a modest site, but it has great historical importance. Initially it was a Roman necropolis, and the 200 tombs on this site constitute one of the largest Roman tombs in Spain, At some time around the 6th century a church was built on the site and all recovered objects have ended at the National Museum of Archeology in Madrid.

Culture, Museums and Theaters

Although the Costa del Sol is not known for its culture, there are now several theaters, art galleries and museums in the Marbella area, as well as a cultural program full of concerts, dance, jazz and theater during the summer months.

Growing in popularity and size year after year, the Starlite Festival is held in Marbella from mid-July to the end of August and features concerts by some of the most important names in music, as well as fashion shows, art exhibitions, premieres of cinema and a charity gala. Starlite is celebrated north of Marbella in a unique outdoor amphitheater with walls 60 meters high where you can enjoy spectacular and intimate performances under the stars.

In Marbella, the Black Box Theater offers plays in Spanish and English; On the other hand, the Bonsai Museum presents one of the most important collections of Bonsai trees in Europe; while the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Prints exhibits works by Picasso, Miró, Tapies, Chillida and other important Spanish artists. However, the best art gallery near Marbella is the Sammer Gallery, Puerto Banús, which is one of the largest modern art galleries in Spain.

Villa Roma

These are the ruins of what must have been a majestic Roman villa, although the walls and pillars have long vanished, the villa’s wonderful mosaics are as vivid as they were two millennia ago. The remains of this city of Ciliana are located near the mouth of the Green River. Admission to this attraction is restricted to Thursdays at lunchtime.

La Concha

La Concha is a treeless summit that belongs to the coastal range of Sierra Blanca and exceeds 1200 meters. The walk lasts approximately four hours in total and is a great alternative for those who seek to exercise and climb outside in the milder months and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape once at the top you can see far beyond Marbella, to the Atlas mountains in Morocco.

When you approach the summit after parking at El Refugio de Januar, you will be presented with a very different scene, where the steep valleys protect tall pines and oaks. From there, just follow the signs to PR-A 168 La Concha and you will soon be in a landscape of rugged scrubland.


The main street of Marbella is full of clothing stores and the winding streets of the old town are full of boutiques and small shops selling gifts, toys, clothing, shoes and unusual accessories, which is ideal for shopping at all levels.

For designer brands and department stores El Corte Ingles, Puerto Banus has incredible stores such as Versace, Robert Cavelli, Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani and La Perla, If you want more accessible brands, all under one roof, the La Cañada complex It is an excellent place to go. It houses about three hundred points of sale, bars, cafes, restaurants and a cinema. La Cañada is located immediately north of Marbella, a short bus or taxi ride from downtown.

Amusement Parks, Malls and Cinemas.

For adults and active children, this Amazonia Adventure in the area of ​​Elviria, just 10 minutes drive east of Marbella, this golf course with high ropes, You can move through the trees on the wires and complete a race of obstacles. There is also a cafe bar and easy parking.

Just for kids A day in Funny Beach, a park on the beachfront perfect for lovers of fun, speed and adrenaline. There is a go-kart track, trampolines, video games, electric bicycles and cars, a swimming pool, children’s attractions, as well as a restaurant serving children’s meals and a bar.

A little further, Fuengirola’s Miramar centre, only 15 minutes by car from Marbella, offers a huge shopping complex and a cinema that shows English films. Also in Fuengirola, there is a water park and the popular Bioparc Zoo. The Tivoli World amusement park (Benalmádena), the crocodile park (Torremolinos) and the Selwo safari park (Estepona) are half an hour’s drive from the city and guarantee a holiday without boredom.

To explore the city of Marbella without the leg work, enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride to enjoy the sights, a popular option among children. Or for older children, try the Segway tours. For more teen fun, there are many good organizations on the coast that offer adventures such as jeep safaris in national parks, mountain treks on horseback, canyoning in the region’s gorges and paintball.

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